Operation Area

According to the organization bylaw, Labor Spring Organization committed to operate in 4  focused areas

LSO Main ProgramsFocus Target Groups
1Health AwarenessChildren, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Women, Men, Shuras, Public Shuras/Leaders, Community as a whole, Parents, Doctors, Nurses and Midwifes, and CHWs
2Education and LiteracyIlliterate group especially Women and Elders, Students, Teachers and Community as a whole
3AgricultureCDCs, Community Elders, Farmers, NRM and Agriculture Department
4Social Services ( Human Rights and Women Empowerment)CSOs, Youth, Media, Women, Girls leading Families, Women led Organizations and Associations, Women and Girls who are at risk/ survivor of violence.

Achievements against given areas:

At the end of each year, we analyze our results against the strategic objectives. Based on the analysis, LSO board and management makes budget plan for next year: Since 2011, LSO has gained the achievements which segregated by types of areas as following:

1. Health

LSO has not implemented any projects that only focus on health, but we do have health care services for specific groups of people as intervention of our projects in which LSO provides health care services to women at risk of violence/ VAW survivors  in Women Protection Center (WPC) and health services for poor families in health center. Since 2014, LSO has provided 93 women who survivors of violence with health care and 500 poor people  who were patients in clinic in Daikundi province.

 2. Education

LSO provides youth and adults with English, IT and literacy courses. We enhanced youth capacity to pursue their education and do best at universities. LSO has provided 1866 people (30 women, 1136 girls and 700 boys) with English, IT and literacy classes since 2011.

3. Agriculture

LSO completed a project entitled “Cultivation of Wild Almond and Cherry” within 2 years of work (Jun, 5th, 2014- Jun 5th, 2016. This project implemented in Waras District of Bamyan Province with financial support of UNDP.

In the end, LSO excavated 3000 gully plugs, 200 watersheds, and planted 3000 wild almond and cherry crops on 10 hectares areas of land. In addition, LSO conducted one awareness and technical training on forestry development and management, and about 100 people, including 50 people learnt technical knowledge on protection of plants and 50 people gained necessary knowledge about physical shape and greenery of land

4.Social Service

LSO implements awareness raising and advocacy projects on advancement of women rights through enhancing community awareness and general knowledge on human rights and gender equality. Since 2014, 2236 people from youth, Mullahs, civil activists and  community elders (1113 female and 1123 Male) benefited from awareness training program on human rights, women rights, gender equality, advocacy and corruption.

Moreover, our Women Protection Center (WPC) provides women who are at risk/ survivor of violence with protection, legal assistance, counselling, social services and life necessities. Since 2014, LSO has provided 160 women with WPC services.

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