Covered Provinces

Our footprints in Afghanistan

Labor Spring Organization (LSO) is dedicated to delivering services for needy people (in terms of education, awareness raising programs on women rights, women empowerment and gender equality) in central highland regions of Afghanistan . Since 2010, LSO has implemented so many projects in Daikundi, Bamyan, Kabul and Urozgan provinces on advancement of women rights, women empowerment and gender equality, education and agriculture. In detail, we have covered and had accessibility to the following districts:

  1. Daikundi Province ( Meramor, Shahristan, Nili, Ashterlai, Khider, Kijran, Sangtakht/ Bander, and Kiti Districts).
  2. Herat Province (Only center of the province),
  3. Ghor Provinces (Choghcharan)
  4. Bamyan province ( Yakawlang, Waras and Panjab Districts)
  5. Urozgan province (Gizab District)
  6. Kabul Province ( 13rd District)
  7. Jawzjan
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