Women empowerment has been at center of our efforts in Afghanistan since 2010.

Labour Spring Organization (LSO) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable welfare organization, was registered with the Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan under the registry number (1678) in 2010. LSO envisages a prosperous, educated, self-sustained society through elimination of violence against women, socio-economic empowerment initiatives, human rights awareness programmes, justice provisions and education, which enable the communities to access their basic rights in the long run. Since 2010, LSO has implemented 21 projects on promoting of  women rights and gender equality in Bamyan, Balkh, Daikundi and Urozgan provinces. The projects that have been implemented include women’s shelters, embroidery training for widowed women, engaging youth in elimination of violence against women,  English and computer courses for youth (girls and boys), Promote advocacy skills and capacity of Musharikat provincial VAW sub-coalition to eliminate violence against women and promote government accountability, transparency and elimination of corruption, Resilient Agriculture and Livelihood Initiatives (REALISE) and Environmental Protection and Awareness Programmes .

LSO has established itself as one of the leading national organizations working on human rights, peace and democracy, empowering women, children, youth and disenfranchised people to achieve their rights, justice, prosperity and self-esteem in Afghanistan. In 2019, LSO reached over 22,277 beneficiaries in 4 provinces of the country.

LSO is operating in 4 provinces of the country. Presently, LSO has functional offices in 3 provinces of the country include 1) Kabul, 2) Daikundi 3) Bamyan. LSO is currently working with more than 120 staff members in Afghanistan, of which 60 percent comprised female staff.

LSO’s Achievements

LSO implemented more than 25 projects in Daikundi, Balkh, Oruzgan and Bamyan provinces in central & northern region of Afghanistan, focused on several thematic areas including capacity building programs (English, Computer and handicraft courses), peace building, promoting government accountability and transparency (anti-corruption), promotion of women empowerment/ rights, livelihood, agriculture and environment, personnel capacity building, women protection centers and engaging youth in elimination of violence against women.

LSO has made great achievements in peace building through strengthening the role of civil society and community based groups. LSO has facilitated the establishment of provincial peace council and brought several anti-government groups into the peace and reconciliation process.

The project outputs also show that LSO has made great achievements on women rights, peace, security, economic empowerment is described as below:

LSO has made successful reintegration of more than 1,000 cases of violence against women into their communities after a comprehensive legal aid and mediation support under long term LSO’s women shelter has been providing women and girls survivors of violence with life-saving services including psycho-social support, legal aid, vocational training, literacy/numeracy classes, health care and social services in  Daikundi and Bamyan provinces between 2014 to 2021.

LSO has reached and enhanced awareness of 5000 individuals (3250 female & 1750 male) of members of communities on women rights ( as per Sharia law), gender equality, EVAW law and human rights, these have increased positive views among the significant portion of community members towards women rights and gender equality. Through the community outreach,  child marriage practice has been substantially reduced in  rural communities of Daikundi province. The Directorate of Religious Department has supported this initiative too.

LSO also has contributed on education and technology development through English, science, math and computer education in rural communities. LSO’s contribution made a difference in ability of rural youth to acquire pre-requisite competences for admission with universities at capital cities of Afghanistan and abroad.

Labor Spring Donors

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