LSO is working hard to respond to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. The women, children, and families we serve in Afghanistan have been hit hard. They need our support to survive this crisis.


Labor Spring Organization (LSO) is a non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization registered with MoEc in May 2010. LSO envisions a prosperous, educated and self-sustained society, LSO is striving to protect and secure human rights of women, girls and underprivileged people to practice self-esteem, self-determination, and their actual roles in all life spheres including politics, economy, environment, culture and development through providing essential services for women survivors of violence, raising awareness on women rights, promoting gender equality, economic and capacity building efforts, peace and good governance in Afghanistan.

We came into existence in Afghanistan in May, 2010 in response to a horrific situation in which the violence against women has been prevalent, poverty, illiteracy, and corruption has hit the country hard. LSO is mandated to promote women empowerment/ gender equality, community development, good governance, education, agriculture and environmental protection through working with the disadvantaged groups including women and girls survivors of violence, civil society and civic activists to protect and secure their human rights to practice self-esteem, self-determination, and their actual roles in all life spheres including politics, economy, environment, culture and development.     

From inception, LSO has successfully implemented more than 25 projects, values more than 2.5 million USD. Currently, LSO has functional offices in Kabul, Daikundi and Bamyan provinces, with more than 120 staff members, of which 60 percent are female. LSO worked with many donors and government stakeholders including MoWA, MRRD, MoLSAMD, MAIL, UN Women, UNDP, AKDN, DAI Promote, Action Aid, Asia Foundation, Counterpart, French Embassy, etc.

LSO has been implementing a number of projects promoting women rights and gender equality to contribute to prevention of VAWG in Afghanistan. With technical and financial support from UN Women, LSO has been implementing Women Protection Centers (WPCs) in Daikundi and Bamyan provinces, providing lifesaving and essential services to VAWG survivors, LSO has served and successfully reintegrated 779 VAW survivors into their communities and 97% of the VAW cases showed satisfactory life in follow-up visits. In 2020, LSO was able to serve more than 260 VAWG survivors, that show a significant increase in the cases compared to previous years.

Through WPC, LSO has built capacity of more than 500 VAW cases who continued economic activities one year after reintegration from WPC. Each of them recorded 600 to 900 AFN daily income from their tailoring and embroidery in their homes and reported their family respect in follow-up visits.

Through awareness programmes, LSO raised awareness and capacity of 6108 individuals and CSOs activists (3660 female and 2448 male) on women rights, advocacy, human rights and EVAW law, advocated for elimination of violence against women in Bamyan and Daikundi provinces.

LSO even went further advocating for elimination of child marriage in 10 districts of Daikundi province in coordination and support from Ministry of Hajj, MoWA and Justice. The Ministry of Hajj sent out assurance letter to all Mullas Imam members banning child marriage, who have shown commitment towards LSO’s efforts on elimination of violence against women and essential services to survivors of VAW. The Imams were true to their words, during the project life stopped four child marriages by referring them to the police and judicial system. For further information, LSO’s Success Story on its Advocacy on child marriage can be found at:

Through environmental projects, we built capacity of a total of 1500 individuals (950 male and 550 female) in Bamyan province on environmental issues including landscape and natural resources management, securing their livelihood and food, promoting agricultural farms and harvest.

Through conservation projects, LSO enhanced the capacity of a total of 1478 individuals (698 females and 780 males) from rangers, environmental conservation committees, youth, and school students in NP Bamyan, who engaged in wildlife conservation and management of the landscape and raised awareness of public on protected areas, wildlife, and the disadvantages of hunting. The NP CDCs members were also supported to establish a working community association, managing the ranger station. 

With funding from Action Aid Afghanistan, LSO has implementing Resilient Agriculture and Livelihood Initiative for Socio-Economic Empowerment (REALSIE)  from 2019 to 2021, LSO raised capacity of 3544 individuals (2287 female and 1257 female) from targeted CBOs and community members of Panjab & Yakawlang districts, Bamyan province on food, nutrition, agriculture, business and marketing.

The last but not the least, LSO raised capacity of 1730 individuals (1160 female and 570 male) especially women, and youth in handicraft, embroidery, English, computer, and career development.

Our Vision

LSO envisions a prosperous, educated and self-sustained society

Our Mission

LSO is striving to protect and secure human rights of women, girls and underprivileged people to practice self-esteem, self-determination, and their actual roles in all life spheres including politics, economy, environment and culture

Almond Blossom Festival (2021)

Labor Spring Organization-LSO has contributed in conducting to the 6th festival of Almond blossoms held in Gul-e-Badam square, Nili, Daikundi province with support of national and international organizations on 31st of March 2021. The program included speeches from local government officials, civil society and women rights activists as well as songs, theater and poetry performed by some of excellent local artists with presence of hundreds of local people.

Our Donors

Since 2010, LSO has worked with many donors including AKF, Asia Foundation/ PBGF, US Embassy/ ASGP, UN WOMEN, UNDP, SO, USAID Promote Musharikat, Counterpart International and ICSSCP of French Embassy and government departments like DoWA, Department of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (DoRRD), Governor office of Daikundi Province, and Civil Society Organization like Afghan Intellectual Social Council (AISC) and got appreciation letters due to its loyal efforts, accountability, and transparency.