Much still needs to be done.

For 10 years, Labor Spring Organization (LSO) has been at the forefront to support women and families across Afghanistan. We have made 10,000 lives better through our programs.
Our mission began as a response to humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and as a way to empower and support Afghan displaced and vulnerable.

Ten years later, here are again. But, together, we can build a safe and dignified life for thousands of families who are internally displaced and vulnerable to hunger, food insecurity and livelihood shortage.
As our board, staff, volunteers, and clients work together on a strategic plan that ensures LSO will be here for the next 10 years and beyond, we are asking you to be part of that team.

Labor Spring Organization (LSO) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable and welfare organization, which was registered with Ministry of Economy of Afghanistan in May, 2010 under the registry number (1678). LSO envisages a prosperous, educated and self-sustained Afghan society. LSO Mission is to promote human rights of women, girls and vulnerable families to practice self-esteem, self-determination, and their actual roles in all life spheres including politics, economy, environment, culture and development through providing decent education, agricultural/ environmental  initiatives and livelihood opportunities,  raising awareness on women rights, promoting gender equality, women rights, peace and governance for elimination of  violence or discrimination against women in Afghanistan.

LSO is mandated based on (as per its) organizational constitution to support vulnerable families, mostly women and those who are at risk of violence/ survivors, disabled, IDPs, returnees and youth groups. LSO’s thematic working areas are women rights & gender equality, education, social services, agriculture and environment.

The leadership of LSO are a number of bright and like-minded Afghan youth (men and women), who are familiar with the Afghan society. LSO’s Deputy Director is a woman who has advocated for fulfilment of the rights of women and girls through her tenure, she has made a significant contribution to LSO’s achievement in women rights, gender equality, livelihood and economic empowerment of women. She is also an active woman member of CSOs networks.

LSO successfully implemented many projects in the interest of supporting women, youth, disabled and poor families in different provinces of Afghanistan. These projects (e.g. handcraft, environment, Capacity building of youth and women groups, and Computer training course, anti-corruption, peacebuilding, awareness raising on women right, youth civil rights, human rights, Women Protection Center, promote advocacy skills and capacity of MUSHARIKAT provincial VAW sub-coalition to elimination of violence against women, and Resilience Agriculture and Livelihood Initiatives for Socio-economic Empowerment-REALISE) have made significant contributions toward changing lives of women and their self-sufficiency. Under REALISE, more than 6599 people 2849 men and 3750 women across 35 CDCs participated meaningfully to increase their resilience to shocks and seasonal constraints to their food and livelihood security through sustainable agriculture in Bamyan province where they were supported through cash based intervention and food distribution for construction work to build agriculture infrastructures, irrigation, farming system, vocational training, kitchen gardening, literacy (financial literacy), capacity building and orientation of women small businesses on potato and honey value chain.

LSO won the Energy Globe National Award 2021 for its great work in Band-e-Amir Northern Plateau Protected Area Landscape, Bamyan province. The project was supported by UNDP-GEF Small Grant Programme Afghanistan in 2017 to 2018. The winners for this award was announced in Climate Summit-COP 26 in Glasgow on 8 November 2021. The LSO office received its certificate in an event organized by Austria Advantage office in Tehran on 30 November 2021. For details are available at

For its ten years mission in central high-land region, LSO has been honored for its great work in women rights and empowerment in Daikundi and Bamyan. LSO office received the certificate of appreciation from Ministry of Directorate of Women Affair in 6th Festival of Almond blossoms held in Nili, Daikundi province on 31st of March 2021. LSO office Bamyan received the certificate of appreciation from Bamyan Directorate of Women Affair on 8 March 2021. For better view, please check below photos.

Our Vision

LSO envisions a prosperous, educated and self-sustained Afghan society.

Our Mission

LSO Vision and Mission

Promote human rights of women, girls and vulnerable families to practice self-esteem, self-determination, and their actual roles in all life spheres including politics, economy, environment, culture and development.

Our Donors

We cordially thank to our valuable donor who has been supporting us from the last several years and we are generally trying our best to deliver the services in effective and efficient ways.