Financial Transparency

LSO has sufficient capacity and experience for the financial management of projects with having qualified staff such as technical advisor, head of program, head of finance and admin department, finance manager and officers, to ensure proper financial management and progress of the projects at central and field level. LSO’s financial accounting system and procedures meet standards and also fulfil the donor requirements. LSO has been currently working with a total approved budget of $ 1 M USD for the period 2019-2021.

Annual External Audit: In compliance to the core working principles of the organization for ensuring accountability and transparency, LSO conducts its annual audit through well-known and internationally recognized Charter Accountant Audit firms on the annual bases.



LSO project implementing/ed


Project title and focus

Donor/ Cluster

Project coverages/areas reached

# of direct Beneficiaries  (Male & Female) benefited from the project



Empower communities for peace and social cohesion  (i.e. solar pipe scheme, drinking water, canal cleaning, peace-building and social cohesion)

Donor: UNDP Cluster: WASH & FSAC

36 villages in Sheburghan and Khawaja Dako District in Jawzjan

670 (461 male + 209) PP

May 03 to  Jun 30th 2022



Women Protection Center (WPC) provided lifesaving and essential services to VAW survivors, those who are at risk of violence as well as tailoring, and embroidery training for women resided in WPC.

Donor: UN Women

Cluster: GBV sub-cluster

Nili city, center of Daikundi

845 VAW cases +304 Acc.children

1806 (960 male & 849 female) community members

March 1st  2014 – May 31st  2021


Women Protection Centre (WPC) provided lifesaving and essential services to VAW survivors, those who are at risk of violence as well as tailoring, and embroidery training for women resided in WPC.

Donor: UN Women

Cluster:  GBV Sub-cluster

Bamyan centre

Feb 1st 2018 – May 31st  2021


Resilient Agriculture and Livelihood Initiatives for Socio-economic Empowerment (REALISE), the project aims that Rural Communities in Bamyan Province of Afghanistan participate meaningfully to increase their resilience to shocks and seasonal constraints to their food and livelihood security   

Donor: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Government of Australia (DFAT)

Cluster: FSAC

35 villages of Yakawlang and Panjab district in Bamyan province

6,599 individuals (2849 men & 3750 women)

March 1st   2014 – July 31st 2021


Band-e-Amir Northern Plateau Proposed Protected Area Landscape Management (capacity building, awareness and rangeland management)

Donor: UNDP,

Cluster: FSAC

26 villages in Band-e-Amir’s Northern Plateau, Yakawlang District of Bamyan province

 620 people  (298 male+322 female  )

March 15th   2017-March 15th 2018


Promote mutual relations between community and government institutions and improve local services delivery (capacity building, awareness and advocacy)

Donor: French Embassy (PISCA),

Cluster: Education


5 CDCS in Nili city  of Daikundi province

 231 people (113 male & 118 female)

Sep 1st , 2017 to Jun 30th , 2018


Rehabilitation of Degraded Land and Livelihood Improvement by Planting Indigenous Wild Almond and Wild Cherry Species, construction of check dam and water-shed

Donor: UNDP

Cluster: FSAC

5 villages in Waras district of Bamyan province

78 people (72 male +6 female)

Jun 1st 2014-Jun 1st 2016


Promote advocacy skills and capacity of Musharikat provincial VAW sub-coalition

Donor: DAI Promote Musharikat

Cluster: GBV

Shahristan, Miramor and Nili city of Daikundi province

388 people (204 male + 184 female)

Jan, 21st  , 2017- November, 21st , 2017


Promote government accountability and transparency and elimination of corruption

Donor: Counterpart International,

Cluster: Governance

Daikundi, Bamyan and Ghor  

1000 civil society members ( 631 male +369 female)

July 1st 2015- January 31st 2016


Engaging Youth in Elimination of Violence against Women

Donor: UN Women,

Cluster: GBV

Shahristan, Miramor, Sangtakht and Ashtarlai districts of Daikundi

1536 people (723 male+813 female)

Feb 1st 2015 to Dec 30th 2015


Quick Book Training Course

Counterpart International

Nili Daikundi

4 staff of LSO

August 1st 2015- September 30th 2015


English Learning Program for LSO staff

Counterpart International

Nili city of Daikundi

4 staff of LSO

August 1st 2015- September 30th 2015


6 Month English Course for high school students


Seven villages of Shahristan district in Daikundi

600 students (all female)

September 1st 2013 – February 28th 2014


English Language Course


Meramor, Kiti and Kijran district sof Daikundi

360 students (260 male and 130 female)

Jan 1st 2013 to Apr 30th 2013


Computer Ms.Office Package Program



100 students (50 male and 50 female)

Jan 1st 2013 to Apr 30th 2013


Fellowship Project



10 staff of LSO

Apr 1st 2012- Mar 31st 2013


Plantation of Trees by LSO and Local People and Construction of Road Project in Mountainous and Hard to Reach Areas



300 Volunteers

March 1st 2012- Jun 30th 2013


Embroidery Training and Staff Capacity building



15 widowed women and 3 staff of LSO

May 1st 20211- August 31st  2011

Total # of Direct Beneficiaries




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