Board of Directors

LSO has an independent and well reputed board of directors that lead the organization strategic direction, governance, contribution to fund raising, supervision and accountability. As first of its kind in Afghanistan, an experienced, representative and proactive board of director has been established to govern, oversee and promote LSO that ensure the success of this organization becoming a respected and legitimate force for development of community and disadvantaged group.

Zakia “Rezaiee” (Chair of Board)

Zakia Rezaie (Chair of Board): Ms.Zakia Rezaie is the chair of LSO board. She was born and raised in Daikundi province. She has a master degree in law and political science. Ms.Rezaie has had an experience of more than ten years in women rights and gender equality. She worked with Ministry of Women Affair as computer’s operator and MoU manager in her early career. She was later appointed as the Director of Directorate of Women Affairs in Daikundi and Bamyan provinces. She served as a head of Daikundi Directorate of Women Affair from 2013 to 2019 and she was later appointed as a director of Bamyan Directorate of Women Affair in Jun-2019 to 15 August 2021. She joint LSO board of director on March, 1st, 2022.          

She can be reached at, Mobile: 0766701663.   

Zakir Amiri (Member of Board)

Zakir Hussain Amiri graduated from medical faculty, Balkh University in 1999. Dr. Zakir has served vulnerable families including mother and children for more than 20 years in central highland region of Afghanistan through community based healthcare, nutrition and livelihood security. For this end, he worked as a doctor in community based health care centers with support from Action against hunger and Bakhtar Development Network (BDN) from 2001 to 2009. He also advocated for well-being and improvement of vulnerable families lives in rural villages of Daikundi province, attracted a number of international organizations and central government’s support to invest in the health, education and agriculture sector in Daikundi province. His advocacy has not only been limited

to advancement of lives in Daikundi, but he was also nominated for Afghan parliamentary election twice on behalf of people of Daikundi province in 2006 and 2010 to be true voice of people in Afghan government. In both elections, he got a good number of the votes (more than 6,000 ballots). Given the needs of communities and in order to reach out the poor, Zakir Amiri realized that he can support needy people more if he establish an organization himself, so, he along with a number of likeminded youth registered LSO with the ministry of economy of Afghanistan in 2010. Since then, he has served hundreds of communities in Daikundi and Bamyan provinces. 

Mr.Amiri can be reached at, +93 77 238 483 4.    

Benazir Jafari (Member of Board)

Ms.Benazir Jafari is a board member of LSO. She was born and raised in Daikundi province. She graduated from Faculty of Law, Nasir Khusraw University. Ms.Jafari has an experience of more than seven years advocating for women rights and children in rural areas of Daikundi province. She was law manager in Directorate of Women Affair for five years, as well as she served as head of Directorate of Women Affair in Nili, Daikundi province. She joint LSO’s board of director January 2022.  She has been an active been member of board, made significant contribution to organization’s strategic planning and fundraising.

Ms.Jafari can be reached; Phone: +93767930346. 

Mohammad Jawad Rezaie (Member of Board)

Mohammad Jawad Rezaie is a board member of LSO. He has a bachelor of economics from Nasir Khusraw University. He currently works with Catholic Relief Services (CRC) in the position of education project officer since July 2019. He also has a working experience of more than 20 years in development and capacity building of NGOs and civil society organizations in central highland region of Afghanistan.  He joint LSO’s board director on January 1st, 2022. Mr.Rezaie can be reached: , Mobile: +93 (0) 792 179 000

Ayoub Amiry (Member of Board)

Mr.Ayoub Amiry is a member of LSO board. He was born and raised in Daikundi province. He has a bachelor’s degree in science and math. Mr.Amiry has had an experience of more than ten years in education and youth development. For the last five years, he worked as Director of Education Directorate in Bamyan province. He joint LSO board of director on March, 1st, 2022.          

He can be reached at, Mobile: 0711773535.

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