Labor Spring Organization

LSO Experiences in Education, Capacity Building and Peace-Building: LSO has implemented a number of projects in education and peacebuilding sector with donor’s funding and self-contributing funds since 2011:


  1. English, Science, Math and Computer Projects: This project was implemented in Daikundi, Urazgan and Bamyan provinces between 2013 to 2018. The purpose of projects was to enhance ability of rural youth to get required competences for their active participation and success in job market and universities studies at capital cities of Afghanistan and abroad. The project results are:
  • 2,435 individuals (80 % girls) graduated from math and science course in Daikundi and Urazgan provinces, out of which 70 percent got admission with public universities inside and outside Afghanistan and 5 percent of them successfully placed on job,
  • 1,000 youth (540 girls and 460 boys) have successfully completed a two-year Advanced English and Computer program, out of which 700 individuals got scholarship to major universities in Afghanistan.

2. Advocacy for an increased and institutionalized dialogue between communities and local authorities: This project was implemented in Nili, Daikundi province from Jun 2017 to April 2018. The overall goal of this project was to strengthen mutual relationship between targeted communities of Nili and government institutions to boost the service delivery efforts at local level. The project results are:

  • Strengthened capacity and awareness of 223 individuals (110 male and 113 female) of five community leaders and Guzar Assembly members on government roles and responsibilities, good governance, peacebuilding and social safety,
  • Enhanced citizen sense of responsiblities and close cooperation with muncipality have resulted in a 50 % increase in muncipality annual revenue from Safayee collection in 2018.

3. Promote mutual relation between communities and government institutions and improved services delivery: this project was implemented in Nili, Ashterlai and Khider districts of Daikundi province from Jan to Nov 2018 – with total budget of $34,000. The project was aimed to strengthen mutual relationship between targeted communities and government institutions to boost peace, social safety and the service delivery efforts at local level. The project achievements are:

  • Enhanced awareness of more than 1,000 youth on peace, elements of peace and social safety in targeted districts,
  • Established and facilitated a provincial peace council comprising of youth, elders and Provincial Council members, and brought several anti-government groups including Ashterlai insurgent group into peace and reconciliation process in 2018. The peace agreement was shared with office of president to get approval on the terms and condition.

4. Promote government accountability, transparency and elimination of corruption: The project was implemented in Bamyan  province with total budget of $30,000, from 1st July 2015 to 31st January 2016. The goal of the project was to raise citizen awareness around the damaging effects of corruption and promotes the accountability and transparency among the local government officials. The project results are:

  • Reached and engaged 1500 youth in outreach awareness about the negative effects of corruption on the life of communities,
  • Established and supported a youth community network in 25 communities to oversee the government’s services delivery and hold them accountable.

5. Capacity Building Project Support to DoWA: this project was implemented in Daikundi province from 2012-2014. The project aims to build institutional and human resource capacity of DoWA, and equip and support the resource center of the DoWA. The project results are:

  • Five DoWA’s staff capacity was build in human resource, finance, operation and resource management as well as English language and internet,
  • Established a resource center (RC), and build DoWA’s capacity to manage the resource center.