Name: Nasrin, 19 years old

F/name: Muhammad

Province: Bamyan , Yakawlang

Nasrin who is 12th grade school student lives with nine members in her family. Two sisters and three brothers of Nasrin are students in school and the elder sister is at university. Her father is illiterate who works in their farm and her mother does the home tasks. Their family income is around 12,000 AFN in a month. Village they live is at North side of Baba Mountains which has a snowy and cold weather.

Nasrin was mostly worried about her future regarding her job career and university because it would cost a lot for her father to reach to the needs of all his children, she was hopeless that she would not be able to continue her studies because of low economic state they had.

It is about few months that Nasrin is one of the Mobile Repairing Training Center member which was established by LSO for learning mobile repairing methods. This Training Center is facilitated with the professional tools and experienced trainer. There are many new and used mobile tools that trainees can learn and use them for practice through guidance and help of the trainer. The most helpful thing for trainees was the practical works that they could learn a lot from and develop their confidence for planning of their own workshop.

The Training Center is so useful and effective for students so that they can learn and recognize damages and repairing of mobiles.  This center become a shining hope for Nasrin to think of a self-made project for herself and her fellow ladies having a work shop to get income from and become first lady who can repair mobiles in her village.

“Any kind of vocational courses has its own followers and funs. Many vocational courses must be provided in different fields like this mobile workshop is, because it can help people to create a job field for themselves. But there will be an issue that providing tools will be difficult to start our own business for a person who belongs to a poor family but we will try our best.” Said Nasrin.


Name: Baqir, 39 years old

F/name: Muhammad

Province: Bamyan, Panjab district

Baqir is the head of a family of eight members (wife, two daughters and five sons). Baqir can write and read and before joining the REALISE project he was working in his field (agriculture). His income was not enough to support his family, sending children to school and treat his ill father. Due to low income, Baqir was forced to stop sending his children to school and could not treat his ill father anymore.

But through the REALISE project which was funded by Action Aid Afghanistan and was published by LSO, Baqir received carpentry training and necessary tool kits for continuation of the profession. After learning this profession, Baqir is now able to earn about 15000 AFN per month in addition to what he is getting from his agriculture work.  The project also provided him the tools and instruments needed, to open a carpentry shop that so he could start the work with.

Due to the carpentry training and learning a new profession, Baqir started a new work, through which his income increased by 15000 AFN each month. His children restarted the school and he was able to treat his father. In addition, with opening a training center in his shop in the district, Baqir trains other villagers, that through this way the carpentry profession is expanding and more job opportunity is being created.

“We appreciate and welcome the Action Aid programs all the time and request them to be more collaborative with the people through their projects”. Said Baqir.


Name: Fatima, 23 years old

Province: Kunduz province

Type of case: Abusing, humiliating and intimidating

Date of registration to WPC: 3/Nov/2015

Date of exit from WPC: 30/Jun/2016

Fatima was born in 1993 in Kunduz Province. She came from a family who was originally from Kunduz province, and Northern part of Afghanistan. She lost her father when she was 6 years old which caused the family to immigrate to Iran in 1999. She had happy life in Iran with her brothers and mother. She grew up there and became 16 until she fell in love with a man named Jawad s/o Faqir Hussain in summer 2009. Jawad, who left his wife and family in his hometown, Daikundi province, Shahristan District, for Iran to work there in early 2009 until some day he involved with Fatima in Summer of the Same Year. However, when her brothers and mother found out about this relationship, they showed strong disapproval and threatened the man into death in case of happening this.  Finally, the two lovers (Jawad and Fatima) ran away from home as it was realized by both, as last resort.   .

Once her brothers found out, they came after him and hunting them until Jawad was kidnapped one day and disappeared for long time. She had not found any sign of her husband for one and half a year; as result, she felt disappointed of finding him. As well as, the tough and insecure situations made her life difficult over there, so she came back to Afghanistan in late 2010, and started a new term of life with extreme violence in her in-laws house in Daikundi province. After 4 years of stay with violence, the situation forced her to run away with Sayed Kazim, a man living in the same village. Unfortunately, both of them caught by police and put in some sort of solitary confinement for 5 months. Until, she was released from prison and referred to Daikundi WPC on Nov, 3rd, 2015. LSO WPC conducted assessment and provided her with legal and necessary life services to gain confidence which helped us to find more about her past problems and its causes. As per assessment and consultation with her, it was found out that her former husband was reported missing in Iran, and there had not been heard of any word of his existence for the past 5 years.

Given this information, she was taken to WPC coordination committee meeting which was held with presence of all members on Nov, 11th, 2015 to file a complaint for her case to be prosecuted through justice system. After preliminary study of court, we are advised to announce her specifications on government Radio at national level as they justified it as last option to inform/find missing party of case. If her husband did not appear within one month of advertisement, the court was allowed to tender the divorce letter in his absence.

When one month completed, the missing party did not show-up for the court session. In light of this situation, the court issued the divorce document which allowed her to marry her current husband, Sayed Kazim s/o Sayed Essa. In this regard, LSO prepared her reintegration by holding an honorable marriage session in DoWA office on Jun, 30th, 2016 with the presence of WPC coordination committee and reintegrated with her husband.

As UN WOMEN partner, LSO’s WPC accommodates and protects women seeking justice from violence against women. LSO WPC provided them with psychological and physical health, life skills initiatives, legal aid, social, and mediation services. From Mar, 1st 2014 – Sep, 2016, a total of 114 women at risk or survivors of violence resided at WPC and gained benefit from quality services of this center. Of total of clients benefited from WPC services, a total of 109 cases have been resolved and reintegrated into their families.


Name: Nasiba, 25 years old

Province: Daikundi, Nili District

Registered by:  LSO Youth Advocacy Committee

Type of case: Rape, Battery and Laceration

Date of registration to WPC: 6/Sep/2015

Date of exit from WPC: 14/Feb/2016

Nasiba, lives in  West of Nili District, Daikundi province. She used to stay alone for one and half a year while her husband was in Iran for work, except two small children of Nasiba who accompanied her. As she said On April 9th, 2015 at 9:00 AM, 3 unknown men with mask on their faces entered her home and raped Nasiba by force, then they ran away. Being ashamed, she decided to hide everything from all. However, 6 months later, families from both sides got suspicious that Nasiba was pregnant so they tortured and locked her in the basement until she was forced to confess. As result, to cover up the incident from all; they decided to kill her.

With disclosure of the issue somehow through her family, LSO youth advocacy committee also found out attempting of a murder thereby strive to save her. Advocacy committee took firm action for her survival including coordinating with Mullahs, district women councils and youth district councils from other districts with her in-laws. In early September, 2016, the advocacy committees and influential groups convened 3 advocacy sessions which finally led to satisfaction of family for letting her alive and referring to Daikundi WPC for quality services, as the husband was in Iran, we received his agreement through phone call.

Right after agreement, the committee referred her to our Daikundi WPC.
Four months later, Nasiba was a different person and became a healthy, motivated woman. She has benefited from basic life services, health care, counseling and recreation. Upon her entrance to WPC, she was also enrolled in the WPC’s vocational training courses to learn embroidery, sewing and computer. Therefore, she is currently producing embroidered clothes and dress. Our social workers exposed her products for sale to public in Women Handmade Products Section of Daikundi’s DoWA, and give the money to her. Our case workers and defense lawyers prosecuted her case via the civil court and got her divorce. On February, 14th, 2016, LSO reintegrated her in to her parents followed with 3 times follow-up visits. According to follow-ups visits, she was happy with her family and works as tailor in home.