LSO Experiences in Gender Equality and Protection

LSO has implemented a number of projects in gender equality and women empowerment in Afghanistan with more than USD 1.7 million since 2010. The projects include 1) operating Women Protection Center (WPC) in Bamyan and Daikundi, 2) promote advocacy skills and capacity of Musharikat coalition, 3) Engage youth in elimination of violence against women and 4) handicraft (embroidery) training for widowed women.

Currently, LSO operates the WPC in Daikundi and Bamyan provinces since early 2014, with aim to expand access of VAW Survivors and those who are at risk of violence to life saving and appropriate legal, health and social services as per the WPC Regulation. Key results under this sector are:

  1. Resolved and reintegrated more than 1,000 cases of violence against women back to their communities/families through comprehensive legal aid, socio-counseling and mediation and other appropriate services as per regulation,
  2. Raised awareness of more than 10,000 individuals (6,500 female & 3500 male) through public awareness programs on women rights, gender equality, EVAW law and human rights,
  3. LSO’s advocacy resulted in stopping child marriage in a very remote part of Daikundi province where underage marriage was practiced in the past immensely.


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