Labor Spring Organization (LSO) is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profitable welfare organization which is registered at the Ministry of Economy of Afghan government under the registry number (1678) in 2010 ( We came into existence in Afghanistan in May, 2010 in response to a horrific situation in which the poor communities (third class families) suffering from environmental disasters, poverty, illiteracy, and violence against women in rural areas especially Bamyan, Afghanistan, striving to achieve a prosperous, educated and self-sustained society which is supportive of gender equality and an environment of free from violence against women. LSO is based in Bamyan and has also active presence in neighboring provinces including Daikundi and Kabul and our focused areas are to promote women empowerment/ gender equality, community development, local governance, education , agriculture and environmental protection, working with the disadvantaged groups including women and poor people, local civil society and individual activists to protect and secure their  human rights to practice self-esteem, self-determination, and their actual roles in all life spheres including politics, economy, environment, culture and  development.

In Jan 2019, LSO has prepared to implement a project being Resilient Agriculture and Livelihoods Initiative for Socio-economic Empowerment (REALISE)  in Yakawlang and Panjab districts of Bamyan province. The project’s overall objective is to build on the current achievements for the empowerment of rural and illiterate women and people with disabilities, and increase efforts to reach internally displaced persons particularly through vocational training. Particularly, the project efforts focus on obtaining sustained increases in food and nutritional security for community men and women in participating households, sustained and increased economic asset base for women and men in participating households, participating groups of men and women influencing decision-making, service provision and policies affecting their food and livelihood security. For the smooth and better implementation of this project, LSO is committed to recruit qualified and competent staff to run the project effectively. Therefore, LSO has announced some of the key positions under this project; for which, details of jobs can be found out from below links for your application.

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1. admin-and-finance