Financial Transparency:

Labor Spring Organization has competent staffs in project and financial management. We use high standard tools such as QuickBooks software for recording our daily transactions.

Our donors are national and international organizations, particularly UN agencies; UN WOMEN and UNDP that verify and approve our financial reports regularly. At the end of each fiscal year, they assign an external auditor to carry out audit of  their funded projects to us. Besides, LSO also contracts with external auditors to conduct audit of all it projects in each fiscal year. It is worth mentioning our financial system is transparent, and anyone can access to it. If you want to see it, please click:



List of projects implemented/ing by LSO, 2011- 2016:

No Donor Name Project Name, Summary of activities Duration Budget :$ 1= AF57.5
1 ASGP Women Socio-Economic Empowerment, this project provided 76 widowed women with embroidery training, equipped them with required vocational stuff, and linked them with local market for their products sale in Daikundi Province. May-August 2011 AFN 571550=9940 USD
2 AKF Capacity Building Support to DoWA:  established a resource center in DoWA office, Daikundi province , provided books and internet for resource center (RC), and trained DoWA staff  on RC management and outreach Sep, 2013- Feb, 2014 AFN 540,000=$9391.3
4 AKF English & Computer Training Course for 360 youth and youth groups in Daikundi Province: provided them with English and Computer tuition, equipped students with computers and English books, and hired qualified teachers. Sept 2013 to Feb 2014 AFN 1040000 =$18086.95
5 PBGF English Training Course in Daikundi Province: trained 700 youth on English, provided them with debate contest and native speakers’ video and created a friendly co-education classes. Jan-April 2013 382,800 AFN=    $ 6657.3
6 PBGF Computer Training Course in Daikundi Province; trained 300 youth on office package, equipped them with computers, and electricity, and provided practice room for learning better. Jan-April 2013 AFN 576,660 =$10028.86
7 UNDP Wild Almond and Cherry Plantation ( Environmental Project)in Bamyan : Conducted baseline survey and site selection and recruitment,  Planted 10 hectares land wild almond and cherries, and  held community awareness on environment protection and forestry management. June 2014 to May 2016 AFN 2860050=49,740 USD
8 UN WOMEN Women Protection Center (WPC) in Daikundi Province:  established a protection center for Women at risk/survivor of violence, Provided VAW survivors with legal aid, counseling, advocacy, healthcare, economic  empowerment classes, social services etc, held outreach awareness sessions in order to facilitate the environment for reintegration of WPC clients back to community. March 2014 – Feb 2015 AFN 6872037.17= 119513.68 USD
9 UN WOMEN (WPC)  (phase 2) extended, Daikundi province March 2015 – Feb, 2016 AFN 8, 353,000 = $ 145269.56
UN WOMEN (WPC) (phase 3) extended, Daikundi Province March 2016-Feb, 2017 AFN 10641300 =$185066.08
10 UN WOMEN Youth Engagement in Elimination of Violence Against Women in Daikundi province : trained 576 youth in 4 districts  on women rights and advocacy, established 4 youth advocacy committee in 4 districts, committee actively advocated VAW survivors in 4 districts of Daikundi province. Feb, 2015 – Dec, 2015 AFN 5, 698,000 = $99095.65
11 Shohada Organization, CPI Promoting government accountability and transparency and elimination of corruption,Daikundi Province: raised awareness of 700 youth on corruption and its negative impacts, held radio round table on corruption, conducted monthly meetings between government personnel and youth. July 1st, 2015 to 31st  Jan, 2016 AFN 264,600= $4601.73
Total Budget in USD and AFN at rate of  57.5 Total Budget : AFN 37799997.17 Total Budget : $ 657391.11
Donor’s fund per percentage:
AKF:%4.17  UNDP: %7.16 UN WOMEN: % 83.5 ASGP:%1.51 PBGF: % 2.53 SO:0.69%
$ 27478.25 $ 49740 $ 548944.97 $ 9940 $16686.16 4601.73