Promote Government Accountability and Transparency and Elimination of Corruption.
Labor Spring Organization works with civil society activist and youth to promote government accountability and transparency and fighting corruption. With this goal in mind, LSO established a civil society watchdog to oversee public services delivery and judicial system. For this network, LSO provided  training, advocacy meetings and radio round tables on corruptions, and its negative effects and method of fighting it.The beneficiaries were about 700 participants from civil society activists and youth. they showed interests on Fighting corruption and promoting government accountability and transparency. they said the eradication of this phenomenon is the key to improve economy and assure transparency in public services delivery.
This program funded by Counterpart, partner of USAID in Shahristan, Nili and Meramoor Districts of Daikundi province for the period of 7 months (July 1st, 2015- Jan 31st, 2016).

Success Story

Corruption is deeply entrenched in Afghan government system, especially in Daikundi Province where a higher rate of corruption exists among government entities.
Unlike corruption in Kabul,  corruption in Daikundi is committed covertly;therefore, it is very difficult to discover their actions to conduct advocacy for issuing a warrant. However, if civil society activists and youth mobilized toward combating corruption and say ” stop corruption”, it is going be easy to discover and bring it to justice.
Mr.Jafari, BA degree in law said, “I graduated from university 2 years ago, and I was searching for job door to door of government administration. Unfortunately, I faced with bribery demand of job providers. I neither gave money as bribe, nor did I seek for someone to help me in getting that job. Again, I emphasized on finding a job with my own skills and ability.
Now that I have found awareness on corruption and its bad affects on community and government, I would never commit it if I became an employee of government.
The photo attached below illustrating the training session in Charaspan, Shahristan District, and a total of 15 participants have taken part. They expressed their motives and interest on these topics and committed to fight corruption and report it anywhere they observe. By the end of Jan 2016, the project will train more than 700 civil society activists and youth on negative effects and causes of corruption on community and government at both basic and advanced levels.
Trainees mentioned that no organization has implemented such programs in our villages, so they deem it very important to enhance people awareness on their rights in government and eliminating corruption.  This program implemented by Labor Spring Organization, and funded by Counterpart, partner of USAID for the period of 7 months (July 1st, 2015- Jan 31st, 2016).