1. Zakir Amiri (LSO Executive Director and Secretary of Board) 
    Zakir Amiri has served as Executive Director for Labor Spring Organization (LSO) since 2010. He was born in Urozgan province and raised in Daikundi province, Afghanistan. He graduated from medical faculty, Balkh University 18 years ago. Dr. Zakir has served communities of Daikundi province for 25 past years as doctor of health center during the period of Taliban, Mujahideen and current government. As he witnessed living condition of women, he had always hoped to bring changes and development in the lives of people in rural Afghanistan. Therefore, he nominated himself as candidate in 2006 and 2010 for Afghan parliament election twice on behalf of people of Daikundi province to be true voice of people in Afghan government. In second election, he got 4539 votes ( this can be found in Afghanistan election commission website at http://www.iec.org.af.) During his campaign, he discovered more about the problems and challenges facing people in their lives. Especially women life status and conditions extremely shocked him. As result of years of services for women and marginalized people, Zakir Amiri and a team of dedicated people were encouraged to register LSO with the ministry of economy of Afghanistan to reach out far more marginalized communities especially women and girls at risk/survivors  of violence who seek justice.
    Mr.Amiri can be reached at Zakri.Amiri@laborspring.org.af, +93 77 238 483 4.
  2. Fatima Temori (Chair of Board)
    Fatima Temori was born in an ordinary Afghan parents as an immigrant in Iran. She raised in Kabul, Afghanistan. She is chair of LSO board. Ms.Temori graduated from faculty of economics,  Sharq Institute of Higher Education. She is one of the experienced board authority of LSO who has brought positive changes into this organization. She is also teacher at this University.
  3. Hakima Khair Andesh (Member of Board)
    Ms.Hakima Khair Andesh is a board member of LSO. She was born and raised in Daikundi province. She graduated from Faculty of Nursing, Kabul University. She is also member of civil society activist in Kabul province.
  4. Mohammad Reza Siar (Member of board)
    Mohammad Reza Siar is one of the members of LSO board directory. Mr.Siar graduated from economics, Kabul University in 2006, and pursued his graduate study in the same field, Master of Science and Economics in  a famous university in Philippine. He is the head of private company right now.
  5. Mr.Azizullah Jurat (Member of Board)  
    Mr.Jurat is a board member of LSO. He was born in Balkh province, Afghanistan. He studied bachelor of education, Balkh University. He has a working experience of 10 years in areas of consultancy and educational assistance with Directory of Education in Balkh province.